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So, just for the fun of it, I'm going to try to start posting periodically! Exciting news! My husband, Bob, is having a novella published in , this upcoming anthology! It's called "Not in the Brochure" a collection of "disappointing apocalypse" stories. Super excited and super proud of him. Will be a great deal all the way around. The anthology seems to get a good deal of promotion thusfar. Will be HUGE for helping get exposure especially for his upcoming book, Shining in Crimson!

So, definitely exciting times ahead. Meanwhile, I'm (still) working two transcription jobs, which is going mostly well. But as I write this... 800,000 distractions, as per usual. Will try to post again soon! (Let's see how many days it is before I actually do!!) Take care all!
Tags: anthology, book, interruptions, shining in crimson, transcription
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