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So.... it's my birthday..... i'm 30 now.... it is a quite bizarre feeling... i certainly don't feel 30... what does 30 really feel like? I wonder if by the end of the year I will ascertain what 30 exactly feels like... maybe not... has been a pretty good day... couple things could have been a bit different, but all in all, a good day... Bob made me an awesome dinner (cottage pie & salad) & i'm about to have cake (butter pecan) and ice cream.. yum! =) this is the first time in his life he has ever baked a cake.. i feel special =) anyway... will make another post maybe again some day... take care!
Tags: birthday 30 cake cottage pie bob
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wow.... and now my 31st birthday has come and gone... and not a single post was made since this one... my poor, neglected LJ.... maybe I should take up blogging.... could be cathartic....