jen (emberose) wrote,

Three minutes till one o'clock...again

Oh daylight saving time... you're so weird! Even though we've been in an area that "observes" daylight saving(s?) for eight years now, it still is a bit baffling and feels so foreign! And since my brain is in super writing mode from NaNo, -of course- had a story idea related to daylight saving time... which if I were to start on it now, would be three working stories. bouncing back and forth between the two should keep things fresh enough and will hopefully hellp for if/when I get stuck on one, but need to keep it at just the two for the sake of not tryign to keep track of too many things.

words flowed fairly nicely since writing this evening even though I had hoped to get some writing done earlier than when I did... but getting the words out is most important, not when it happened.

getting a bit tired so since I exceeded the goal I set for myself (having two day's worth of words [3334] on "day one" [since I started at midnight last night), think I'll call it a night for now.

MM: 2724
Faded: 995
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