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"Is there anybody out there"

So here it is... 1:43 in the morning after having a week off (kiddos were out for fall break... Bob and I still worked off and on during the week, but we were on vacation.. and any time away from home is nice!! plus we did lots of fun and unusual things)... Anyway... the point of me starting this post is getting convoluted already -- sorry for that!

Back to having a lot of trouble sleeping. If I could structure my schedule to where I went to sleep between three and four and got up roughly 10ish, I would probably do okay... but having kiddos who have to be up and going in the six o'clock hour on school days makes that rather difficult...

...and as per usual here lately, that is about all my brain wants to allow me to share. If there is anyone out there reading this, I hope you are well!
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