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I very much feel a vast and varied range of emotions at the moment... hope, confusion, stress, regret, wonder, and on, and on. So far, 2010 has not been bad.. i realize we're only 12 days in, and there's a wealth of days to come, and the year will ultimately be measured as a collective, not individual days, but i still have hope for it being a good year. the reflection on 2009 still seems as though it wasn't the greatest of years... but hopefully it will be used to make sure this one is better.

i miss... a lot of things... what's the quote, "of all the things i miss, i miss my mind the most" or something of the sort? amusing... not 100% accurate, but there are days where i certainly feel that i've lost my mind... not so much in the first 12 of this new year... thankfully... i have a pretty clear mind currently... even though the future is very grey and unshaped as of yet, in my head tonight, i feel mostly positive.... it is a cycle, or a roller coaster... or something... but i have hope and am trying to be patient and just do the best that i can... and really, at the end of the day, if you operate under those two things, i think it can be counted as a positive/success.

spring semester starts in less than two days... it will be interesting to see how that fits into the mix... for one company, we are at a slow period... for the other, it is the busiest it has been since the company formed. so, i guess itis a blessing that it isn't either crazy with both or dead with both... the past couple days have been odd... i've gotten a lot done and been productive in a lot of ways, but also, not done all that i would have liked to... so i don't know...

there's a lot i want to say, but the thoughts aren't fully formed yet... i had a very eye-opening weekend... things that i had thought were the case turn out not to be... and decisions that i had made were revealed to me to have been done in haste, so i have to re-evaluate... but i'm glad for that... i very much have a renewed sense of hope and optimism for what life will bring/become... so, hopefully it won't let me down.. hehe... or rather, hopefully i won't screw it up.... anyway... think that's it for now
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