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1999 - 2009

wow. it is very difficult to not draw a lot of parallels between NYE 1999 and NYE 2009. Obviously some things are different... but in a lot of ways, it feels very similar... but I am determined for 2010 to be a great year... hopefully the universe will not conspire too much against me, and I will be able to make that happen... There are definitely some milestones that will be reached this year... not all good, but i guess events in the grand scheme of things are neutral until they occur and you make what you can of them... anyway... been listening to a lot of music here lately, not that that is a new thing, really.. but there have been many days where a song just plays on repeat in my head...

Sad to feel the way I do.. Not where i would have pictured life going, but I do see good times ahead... for the most part, life carries on as it was... new challenges... new things to deal with... and the potential for great things... just a matter of being able to make the right choices and see opportunities where they exist.

I hope that everyone's year ends well, and that 2010 is a year filled with as much good as possible!
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